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Bell Tents

Are the bell tents waterproof and what are they made from?

Blue Bohemian Tents are made from 100% cotton canvas. It’s a good idea to hose the tent down when you first pitch it so the fibres and adjust and expand – making the tent weatherised and thus more weather proof. We are always amazed at how water resistant our canvas tents are - in some cases more than nylon nightmares!

Over time and with extended use you may need to re-waterproof. There are many great products on the market for this simply by Googling “bell tent waterproofer”.

What is the warranty?

We are proud to offer a 1 year manufactures warranty and a lifetime of support. Please bear in mind that this warranty does not extend if the tents are kept up long term (a month or more).

How do they perform in wind, rain, snow?

If pitched correctly bell tents can stand winds up to 50 km/h. They are very waterproof (after being first exposed to rain/water. While they can stand a bit of snow, too much is not recommended as the weight of snow can be deceiving. Having one of our wood-burning stoves can help stave off the cold in snowy climes.

How much space will I need to pitch it?

It's good to allow an extra 1-1.5 metres for the guy lines but you can easily reduce this by adjusting the toggles inwards.


How long do the domes last?

The famous question we always get asked!

Geodesic domes can be semi-permanent or permanent structures made of steel and hard wearing, durable PVC so able to withstand many different elements. We would expect the life expectancy to be at least 10 years. For harsher climates you may need to replace the PVC cover at about the 5-8-year mark.

It's recommended you keep your dome clean to help it last longer and abstain from using harsh chemicals to clean as this can weaken the integrity of the cover.

For the insulation, a damp cloth and some mild eco detergent will do the trick. If things need a really good clean you could also look at an upholstery cleaner. In Australia we’ve found our friends at Electrodry really good as they are knowledgeable about what to use to clean what products.

As with anything, good maintenance means it will last longer.

How weatherproof are the domes?

Extremely weatherproof if pitched correctly. It’s recommended you set your dome up on a platform and bolt it down.

How long do they take to set up? How many people will we need?

It’s good to allow about 8 hours from start to finish. We set up the frame of a 5m dome with two people in 7 hours. The cover takes much less time but you will need about 4-5 people to all be there to pull down. Domes above 7 metres will take longer. As with anything doing it for the first time can take longer than you expect but it’s fun and extremely rewarding once you have the end product.

From date of order, how long should i expect to receive my dome?

Blue Bohemian is the only Geodesic Dome maker who keeps items in stock. We use Mainfreight in Brisbane and can transport to any Mainfreight or 3rd party-affiliated depot in Australia or New Zealand. Download the relevant depot list below:

Australian Depots

New Zealand Depots

What are the delivery costs and how do I transport it?

As above check the depot list and we will quote you. Transport wise we recommend getting a long wheel base van, ute or truck. The dome will be forklifted into your vehicle at your nearest depot. Once home simply get a drill and open the wooden box it comes in and you can start off loading the parts from there. The biggest thing about dome transportation is the door frame. Otherwise everything would be flat packed and easy but the door is important and takes up most of the room in the crate.

How do I build my dome?

Domes are fairly easy to set up as each pole is numbered. It’s kind of like putting together a real-life 3D jigsaw puzzle. Anyone who is reasonably good at DIY can put up a dome. We had friends install one and the group comprised of a pregnant lady, a man in his 70s and 2 other reasonably fit dudes (both of which were hungover ha ha).

If the idea of puttinz up a dome seems intimidating then any Chippie or Builder can help you out. Or check Facebook for a friendly IKEA setter-upperer to help you.

What is the warranty?

We are proud to offer a 2 year manufactures warranty and a lifetime of support.